Keeping your carpet clean and your house smelling good can be a difficult task to balance for pet lovers. Unless you have hairless pets you will need the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair to get rid of the stubborn pet fur from the carpet. The good news is that there are many vacuum cleaners is this modern age with advanced technology but one can be confused on what features to look for when buying the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair removal.

There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before buying any vacuum for pet hair removal.Questions like,do you have mainly carpet or hardwood floor?How big is your house? Do you have stairs and will you be able to carry heavy vacuum upstairs?Then you must of course consider if the vacuum is within your budget.

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner~My Preferred Choice of Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

So,what features makes a vacuum cleaner the best vacuum for pet hair?It is quite obvious that suction plays a vital part in any vacuum cleaner.Without powerful vacuum suction,you will not remove pet fur and dander from your carpet or any other furniture.The standard unit for measuring suction is airwatt. It is very unfortunate that most manufacturers,mostly the lower end pet vacuums will go at great lengths to conceal the airwatt suction of their vacuums.They usually target unsuspecting consumers by displaying the motor's watts,which has completely nothing to do with the suction of the vacuum.

One interesting fact about vacuums is that they have good suction when they are new and clean but lose their suction when there is dirt clog.This is very common among the lower end vacuums which mostly not designed for pet hair.

The Type of Floor(carpet,tile or hardwood floor) Does it Matter?

If you are a home owner with mainly carpet covering your floor,you should put into consideration a vacuum with a beater brush.Beater brush are just rollers which have bristles strategically located at their suction intake point. Vacuums with this feature are generally effective for pet hair removal. In most cases, the beater brush are usually powered through the use of a belt.

Unfortunately in lower end vacuums,the belt that are used for powering the beater brush are quickly overstretched and within no time the roller will start slipping.This is the moment when you will realize that there is quite a lot of pet hair left behind after you have finished vacuuming your carpet.This is the main reason why high end pet vacuums are recommended because they have lifetime belts and their special brushes penetrates deeply into the fabrics of the carpet and thoroughly remove the dirt,dust and pet hair which are usually difficult to remove.

Do You Have Allergies?

If you have allergies,then you should consider buying vacuum with anti-allergy filters. Most vacuum for pet hair removal are fitted with High-efficiency Particulate Air(H.E.P.A) filters. They are specifically designed to prevent allergens escaping.

<b>What About Weight and Reach of the Pet Hair Vacuum,Do They Matter? </b>

If you have a large floor to cover,you should consider upright vacuum cleaner because they have long power codes and swapping from one plug socket to another is not really necessary. Some high end pet vac have above average reach of up to 15 meters. This means that if you have a large room you do not need to swap from one switch to another.

If you will be using your pet vac to clean upstairs, an upright and easy to carry vacuum cleaner will be most suited for your home. I also found it tricky to clean staircases with an upright vacuum cleaner-so to be on the safe side look for a vacuum for pet hair with a longer hose attachment to make cleaning easier.

What Vacuum Tools and Accessories Should You Consider?

Most vacuums designed for removing pet hair have accessories specifically modified to handle pet hair. They have special brush bristle patterns,flexible small tools connections to reduce the chances of animal hair clog occurring. Some of the recommended vacuum for pet hair have special tools such as small turbine head for cleaning furniture , staircases and your vehicle seats. Those that have a vacuum wand and a large floor tool are very handy when it comes to removing pet dander which usually cling to confined spaces, walls and upholstery,also pet hair can be removed from clothing using small floor tool.


The best pet vac depends on how much you are willing to spend but in my opinion dyson dc41 animal complete is the best vacuum for pet hair.

The best way to find out which is the best pet vac is by reading customer reviews from customers on merchant's website,they are usually genuine.One such place to read customer reviews about various best vacuum for pet hair is Amazon.Click Here to Read Dyson dc41 Animal Complete Reviews on Amazon.You will also find other pet vac reviews there from other brands.Hope my review was helpful.